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Hartford Labor Negotiation Lawyer

Labor negotiations involve significant ramifications for all parties involved. The employees, employers and unions all have a great deal at stake in any labor negotiation. As a union representative, you will be standing in between the employers and employees, with a number of conflicting interests involved. The choice of legal counsel can be critical to the success of the negotiations.

At the Law Office of Barbara J. Collins, we provide union representation in labor negotiations throughout Hartford County, Connecticut. With decades of combined experience, our Hartford labor negotiation attorneys protect clients’ interests in negotiations involving everything from the simplest changes in the workplace to the most complex collective bargaining agreements. With attention to detail and zealous representation of clients’ interests, our lawyers provide valued legal services.

Representing Unions In Labor Negotiations

With more than 30 years of employment and labor law experience, we have a thorough understanding of the various issues debated in these labor negotiations. We handle collective bargaining agreements between union and employers that include bargaining issues, certification issues and other complex issues. Our attorneys have spent many years working with unions, learning about their goals and representing their interests.

We do whatever we can to obtain equitable and favorable results through negotiation and mediation. This approach is generally more efficient and beneficial. However, our experience extends beyond the negotiating table to the courtroom. We are prepared to defend our clients’ best interests aggressively in litigation when necessary.

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