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Hartford Employment Rights Attorney

Handling A Range Of Employment And Labor Law Issues

With the high stakes and complex legal issues involved, quality employment and labor law representation required skill, knowledge and experience. At the Law Office of Barbara J. Collins, our Hartford employment rights lawyers represent Connecticut clients in all types of issues that arise between employees, employers and unions.

Employment Law

At the Law Office of Barbara J. Collins, we represent employees in every aspect of the employee-employer relationship, including discrimination and harassment claims, covenants not to compete and other post-employment covenants, severance agreements, unpaid overtime, wrongful terminations and other employment law matters.

Labor Law

We also represent unions and individual union members in labor negotiations, collective bargaining agreements, unfair labor practices, review of employee handbooks and manuals, and a wide range of related labor law issues.

Labor negotiations and claims of unfair labor practices can be particularly complex, with a range of various laws and regulations governing the relationships between employees, employers and labor unions.

Our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience focusing exclusively on labor and employment law matters. We have in-depth knowledge of the legal landscape and the various issues that clients face in this area. We will protect your interests through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

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