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Experienced Employment and Labor Law Attorneys in the Hartford, Connecticut Area

Fighting for the rights of Connecticut employees and labor unions

Since 1993, the Law Office of Barbara J. Collins has represented individual employees and labor unions with employment and labor disputes in Connecticut. Our office concentrates on employment and labor law, and we make sure that the workers of the state get exactly what they deserve from their employers. Our goal is to offer our clients the best representation towards achieving a favorable outcome. We know and understand the importance of resolving these disputes so our clients can move on with their lives and careers.

Combining compassion and tenacity to get you results

At the Law Office of Barbara J. Collins, we always bring a sympathetic ear to your case, while aggressively representing your interests. It doesn’t matter whether you are a retail worker or a high-end executive — we give each case our individual attention. Each case is different and requires a different strategy. Often times, the correct approach is to work to settle a dispute before it gets out of hand. Other cases require bringing an action as soon as possible. What is important is that our office will listen, explain, and approach each matter with your best interests in mind. Since 2000, attorney Collins has been a mediator available to public and private employees to help resolve employment issues. When you come to the Law Office of Barbara J. Collins, you will find:

An exclusive focus on labor and employment law

The Law Office of Barbara J. Collins is committed to the workers of Connecticut. We help plaintiffs and labor unions in the following practice areas.

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Our offices are located conveniently in Hartford, Connecticut. To speak with an experienced labor and employment attorney, contact us online, or call the Law Office of Barbara J. Collins today at 860-570-4627 for a consultation.